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Suzhou AiTEN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (AiTEN) has independent core technologies for SLAM laser navigation technology, 
motion control, visual recognition control, and remote scheduling systems, and has obtained relevant patents.

Core Technology

AiTEN has a high-performance robot control system with fully independent intellectual property rights, empowering intelligent storage scenarios. Through multi-sensor fusion perception mode, it improves the adaptability of products to complex scenarios. 
By using SLAM algorithm laser+visual navigation technology, it expands usage scenarios, and real-time motion optimization technology can support flexible production scenarios, Our dynamic visual recognition control technology can efficiently recognize human targets and intelligently follow them, achieving flexible deployment and free scheduling of robots, and dynamically configurable production processes.
Our independently developed various intelligent mobile robots have unique technological innovations that have had a profound impact on the company's operations. 
Its intelligent navigation system enables forklifts to autonomously plan their paths and avoid obstacles, thereby improving efficiency and reducing operational errors. 
Each vehicle body has good applicability for various operating scenarios, and we also support customized services that can meet the vast majority of actual needs in the factory. 
In addition, our self-developed global regulatory system provides real-time on-site data to help you better optimize supply chain management and strategy formulation, not only improving 
work efficiency, but also helping to reduce costs, improve sustainability, and drive us towards a more intelligent future.
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