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【Exhibition】Participation in the Singapore ITAP Exhibition

On October 20, 2023, the Singapore Industrial Exhibition officially came to a close.

During this exhibition, AiTEN Robotics remained committed to advancing the logistics industry and injecting vitality into the vision of smart factories. They engaged in close communication with overseas exhibitors, providing live demonstrations to offer global logistics enthusiasts and practitioners a more intuitive understanding of the performance of AiTEN's flagship products and their capabilities in meeting diverse material handling needs within various factory settings.

【Exhibition】AiTEN participated in the Hannover Messe in Germany

In 2023, the Hanover Fair in Germany opened grandly, featuring the AiTEN robots showcasing their star products. These include the material handling "expert" MP10S robot and the stacking "master" AM15 robot.

During this exhibition, AiTEN robots adhered to their vision of accelerating the upgrade of the logistics industry and empowering smart factories. They engaged in face-to-face communication with international guests, demonstrating on-site to provide global logistics enthusiasts and practitioners with a more intuitive experience of the performance and functionalities of AiTEN's flagship products, meeting the actual material handling needs within each factory.

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