【Exhibition】Participation in the Singapore ITAP Exhibition

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 【Exhibition】Participation in the Singapore ITAP Exhibition

On October 20, 2023, the Singapore Industrial Exhibition officially came to a close.

During this exhibition, AiTEN Robotics remained committed to advancing the logistics industry and injecting vitality into the vision of smart factories. They engaged in close communication with overseas exhibitors, providing live demonstrations to offer global logistics enthusiasts and practitioners a more intuitive understanding of the performance of AiTEN's flagship products and their capabilities in meeting diverse material handling needs within various factory settings.


AiTEN Robotics, as a representative in the industry for small and medium-sized industrial mobile robots, made a stunning appearance at the 2023 Singapore Industrial Exhibition, showcasing its three flagship products: the MP10S Smart Forklift Robot, the AM1516 Smart Forklift Robot, and the TT15 Autonomous Mobile Robot.


AiTEN Robotics, through this exhibition, not only showcased its AGV products more closely to the overseas market but also gained a deeper understanding of market demands, thereby enhancing AiTEN's brand visibility.

The conclusion of this exhibition does not signify the end of everything; on the contrary, it marks a new beginning. AiTEN will continuously improve product quality and technological innovation to meet the growing needs of customers. Additionally, AiTEN will remain attentive to the latest developments in the global industrial sector and actively participate in industry advancements.

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