【Exhibition】AiTEN participated in the Hannover Messe in Germany

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 【Exhibition】AiTEN participated in the Hannover Messe in Germany

In 2023, the Hanover Fair in Germany opened grandly, featuring the AiTEN robots showcasing their star products. These include the material handling "expert" MP10S robot and the stacking "master" AM15 robot.

During this exhibition, AiTEN robots adhered to their vision of accelerating the upgrade of the logistics industry and empowering smart factories. They engaged in face-to-face communication with international guests, demonstrating on-site to provide global logistics enthusiasts and practitioners with a more intuitive experience of the performance and functionalities of AiTEN's flagship products, meeting the actual material handling needs within each factory.


In this exhibition, AiTEN also presented its flagship product: the MP10S narrow-aisle smart forklift robot. Thanks to its narrow aisle width requirement of only 1800mm, the MP10S exhibits excellent environmental adaptability. It can be applied to various logistics and manufacturing industries, including 3C electronics, healthcare, food and beverage, automotive manufacturing, and more.

Additionally, the MP10S is equipped with a more precise sensing and control system. With the strong support of AiTEN's powerful software control, the MP10S achieves theoretical millimeter-level positioning accuracy (±10mm).

The MP10S is customizable to adapt to various application scenarios and can be reprogrammed through simple software adjustments. It features fast customization and implementation, accelerating project delivery times.

With multiple safety features such as physical collision prevention and laser obstacle avoidance, the MP10S has a theoretical safety distance of up to 5m, ensuring the safety of transported goods and surrounding personnel. With a maximum carrying speed of 1.0m/s and high-precision navigation, the MP10S significantly enhances logistics efficiency and maximizes energy efficiency, reducing or avoiding downtime in production lines.

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The AiTEN AM smart forklift robot can be utilized in various scenarios, including manufacturing, 3C electronics, logistics, and healthcare. The robot boasts excellent maneuverability, requiring a narrow aisle width of only 1985mm, showcasing its strong environmental adaptability. It contributes to increased production efficiency while reducing manual handling costs for businesses.

Utilizing the SLAM algorithm and laser radar sensors, the AM robot autonomously navigates and avoids obstacles by sensing its surroundings. With a payload capacity of 1.5 tons and a lifting height of up to 1600mm, the robot can achieve a maximum travel speed of 1m/s, meeting the demands of most logistics scenarios.

The AM robot finds extensive applications in automated warehousing, material handling, assembly lines, and other fields. Its advantages lie in efficiency, accuracy, and reliability, assisting businesses in cost reduction, productivity enhancement, and improvement of the production environment.

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In this exhibition, the AiTEN software also stands out as one of the prominent product lines. Software systems developed independently by AiTEN, including the scheduling system, warehouse management system, and data analysis system, were showcased.

Within the software product line, most system functionalities can be deeply customized based on different application scenarios and customer requirements. The modular software architecture design significantly saves secondary development time, substantially shortening project cycles.

Simultaneously, all AiTEN handling robots, once connected to the AiTEN software system, can access optimized task execution capabilities. The comprehensive logistics scheduling management platform by AiTEN selects the optimal operating trajectories and tasks for numerous handling robots based on the production center's line status, warehouse status, and the cycle of incoming and outgoing goods. AiTEN software demonstrates excellent traffic control capabilities, combined with AiTEN handling robots' theoretical 5m safety distance, fully ensuring the safety of logistics handling within the factory.


In the 2023 Hanover Fair in Germany, the AiTEN industrial handling robot made its debut with an impressive performance, highlighting its intelligence, reliability, and global brand characteristics. During future exhibitions, the AiTEN industrial handling robot warmly welcomes international guests to visit.

AiTEN adheres to the philosophy of "All for simplicity!" and is dedicated to empowering global logistics and industrial production.

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