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  • Q What is the cost of your product?

    A The cost of our products varies depending on model, scale, and functionality. They are usually more expensive than traditional forklifts, but they can save you more expensive labor costs and will be safer and more efficient than manual labor. Automatic charging 24/7 ensures uninterrupted operation in your factory, driven by electricity and more environmentally friendly, truly achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase!
  • Q How to ensure the safety of your product?

    A Our robots are usually equipped with multiple obstacle avoidance radars and visual cameras, which gradually slow down, brake, stop running, and issue alarms when necessary in the three-speed distance range. There is also a physical collision avoidance touch control emergency stop. Ensure your safety in the factory from multiple perspectives, making you feel at ease!
  • Q What is your service process like?

    A We will organize your requirement description and the information from the on-site survey conducted by the specialist, and output a preliminary solution. Next, we will communicate with you about the plan. After the plan is confirmed, we will carry out comprehensive construction treatment for the project, including our engineers explaining the entire operation process in detail to you, ultimately achieving satisfactory results, At the same time, we will continue to provide you with maintenance services after the project ends.
  • Q How does your robot navigate?

    A Our product uses SLAM algorithm for laser navigation, with a positioning accuracy of up to ± 10mm. While ensuring safety, it enables efficient operation of the vehicle body. Through our self-developed traffic management system and other software technologies, we can coordinate the cooperation of multiple vehicle bodies in the factory, cooperate with the warehouse location management system, intelligently calculate the outbound and inbound goods, material handling and distribution, and improve work efficiency in the factory.
  • Q What is the difference between AGV forklifts and traditional forklifts?

    A AGV forklifts operate automatically and do not require manual operation. Our product has autonomous navigation capability, which can execute tasks without human intervention. This feature can significantly save labor costs and improve safety and accuracy. At the same time, our robots can operate 24 hours a day and automatically navigate and charge, making work more efficient.
  • Q What are the main application areas of this robot?

    A Our products are widely used in fields such as manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing. They are used for tasks such as automated production lines, automated warehouse management, material handling and loading/unloading, and have good adaptability and universality for the automotive parts industry, food and pharmaceutical industry, 3C industry, chemical industry, clothing industry, and other industries.
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