MP10S smart forklift robots to achieve the automated operations for a variety of applications within a production line including transportation, distribution, and more. Increase operation efficiency by over 50%.
Application of APe15 smart forklift robots for the transfer and storage of pre-packaged finished goods. A Cost-effective warehouse logistics solution with dual modes- manual operation and autonomous operation. The installation of the agv forklift robots increases intralogistics efficiency and reduce labor cost.
This project utilizes the MP10S Smart forklift robots equipped with high masts. Integrated with AiTEN's independently developed dispatch system (RCS system), thereby greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of material handling.
This project utilizes customized AM15 forklift robots, seamless integration with the smart automated warehouse. These forklift robots facilitate various complex operations, such as order requests and material delivery through the use of tablets.
Application of AiTEN MP10S mini handling robots with the high masts to efficiently warehouse and dispatch car tires.
These forklift robots reduce manual labor costs and enhance overall operation efficiency.
Multi-robot cooperation to enhance intralogistics efficiency. Application of MP10S smart forklift robots with high masts, TP30 autonomous mobile robots, and AS15 stacker forklift robots for collaborative autonomous operation.
Application of AE counterbalance forklift robots and MP10S smart forklift robots for various scenarios such as incoming material storage and dock with the automated vertical warehouse system. Integration with the AiTEN dispatch system (RCS) enables real-time monitoring, scheduling tasks and traffic management. These forklift robots significantly enhance intralogistics efficiency.
Multi-robot cooperation to power up warehouse logistics. Utilization of AE counterbalance forklift robots and latent mobile robots. Effortlessly move heavy loads and dock with the conveyor system.
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