【Cases】AiTEN X China Telecom Multi-machine collaborative interaction.

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 【Cases】AiTEN X China Telecom Multi-machine collaborative interaction.

AiTEN supports the successful implementation of the Intelligent Warehouse AGV Management System project at China Telecom Corporation Limited Suzhou Branch. The project achieves automatic storage and retrieval, as well as intelligent, informational, and transparent management of the warehouse. It alleviates challenges associated with labor-intensive traditional operational models, manpower shortages, and the inability to flexibly respond to dynamic order production, thereby realizing cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


China Telecom's Suzhou branch has multiple warehouses involved in supplying various telecommunications services. The warehouses are mainly divided into flat storage and shelf storage, requiring specific analysis for different material types. After on-site inspections and comprehensive considerations, AiTEN has adopted different types of AGVs for different storage areas based on the actual situation.

AiTEN's intelligent solution involves the use of TP30 lurking lift AGVs, MP10S small dolphin handling robots, and AS15 high-level forklift AGVs, utilizing China Telecom's 5G communication base stations and AGVS (Intelligent Dispatching System), and the Youda WMS (Warehouse Management System) deployed on China Telecom's Tianyi Cloud. This setup connects all storage areas to achieve automated handling and storage, making the entire operation more flexible and efficient, with interconnected data and improved efficiency.


AiTEN project engineers have proposed a zoned operation plan, specifically using a mix of MP10S small dolphin handling robots and TP30 delivery robots in flat storage areas, and AS15 handling robots in shelf storage areas. Zoned operation perfectly combines the functional highlights of the robots with on-site needs, maximizing value.


The flat storage area, covering a large area with mostly light and small materials, uses the TP30 delivery robot with a rated load of 300kg, fully meeting the material handling requirements. The TP30 delivery robot is compact, measuring only 750mm in length, 540mm in width, and 250mm in height, allowing it to freely navigate through narrow aisles and low shelves. Different modules can be installed on the TP30 robot body, including a custom lurking lift special rack, to meet customers' personalized needs based on the actual size of the materials.

The MP10S handling robot is also characterized by its compactness, with a rated load of 1T, capable of operating in narrow aisles and complementing the TP30 delivery robot to easily handle all tasks in the flat area.


Shelf storage areas, which store larger items in high stacks, use the AS1530 handling robot with a rated load of 1500kg and a maximum lifting height of 2500mm (due to in-house height restrictions).

Precision and stability are crucial for lifting, and the AS1530 handling robot enhances positioning and navigation stability by combining SLAM laser technology with multiple sensors, including arrival sensing. This integration not only improves automation and intelligence but also incorporates an understanding of the scene, achieving a perfect blend of automation and intelligence. High precision and obstacle avoidance mechanisms promptly mitigate potential risks, ensuring the safety of goods and personnel. Its modular structure design and highly integrated layout make installation, maintenance, and operation simpler, safer, and more reliable. Custom forks can be provided according to customer needs, meeting personalized requirements.

Zoned operation mainly differentiates functions, with significant overlap between different storage areas on-site. Ensuring the safe simultaneous operation of multiple robots in the same scene is a highlight of this project.

Through AiTEN's comprehensive dispatch management platform, logistics status information, including work status, operational status, battery status, and task status, can be collected and stored in real-time, enabling intelligent task allocation. Intelligent traffic strategies and dynamic path planning ensure the safe operation of multiple machines.

Compared to traditional physical servers, this approach can reduce costs, simplify workflows, and eliminate the need for IT hardware, addressing concerns about maintenance, backup, availability, and data security.

Furthermore, AiTEN's independently developed intelligent dispatching system provides various interfaces, supporting integration with the in-house WMS (Warehouse Management System) through multiple information protocols, enabling real-time data updates and visual information monitoring.

The introduction of AGVs significantly enhances efficiency, and in conjunction with the WMS (Warehouse Management System), it achieves refined and lean warehouse system management, maximizing cost reduction and efficiency improvement, achieving unmanned multi-level handling, automatic sorting, and creating a "dark" warehouse with zero human intervention.

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